Powder Creek Lodge is a Mecca


Daniel Pereda, winner of the first round of the 2012/13 Backcountry Purist contest, checks in with some fantastic images and a video from his prize trip to Powder Creek Lodge. 

Its funny, there we were second night in, pouring out a pint of sweat in the sauna and already planning out our next pilgrimage back to this amazing Land of face-shots, endless skiing, fine dining and great company.

Powder Creek Lodge in all its glory

Winding our way up through some beautifully stunted Whitebark Pines

Skinning up through the White Pine

Joe, one of out tireless guides for the week soaking it in and figuring out his plan of attack for Sunrise Ridge.

Our guide Joe, planning our approach to Sunrise Ridge

Joe, kicking the morning off right with an Over Easy run, straight out of the cabin. I’m sure he still has sleep in his eye and bed head under that toque.

Our guide, Joe on morning run through Over Easy

We woke up to 4″ of dry pow everyday, that’s right—2 feet over the week! Tracks were constantly being covered, the temperatures were staying low and the pow kept getting deeper.

What four inches of pow looks like every morning

Checking out our ski tracks dazzled in evening light.

Checking back on our tracks in the evening light

As much as we all loved the fresh pow every morning, it was nice to see the storm break so we could admire some of these gorgeous peaks before heading out.

Gorgeous peaks were visible once the storm broke up

Even with a whole week here you can really only scratch the surface of a place like this, but hey, I guess that’s why I’m already planning to come back.

The Powder Creek Lodge deck has a good view

Daniel even shot a video of the adventure:

Think you could handle some time in the backcountry like Daniel? Then make sure you enter the February round of Backcountry Purist for your chance to win—because it is your last chance!